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Who is Dan Kennedy

dan kennedyDan Kennedy is a marketing genius and he has been a well-known figure in the marketing arena since the 70’s. Technology has made huge advances at present, but there were none when he started off his career.

There was no World Wide Web or fax machine, or any other facility that we seem to have taken for granted, today. However, that couldn’t stop a genius like him and he crossed over all the set boundaries and scaled new heights and came up with a host of marketing techniques that has left the world stunned till today. In fact, a number of his approaches have gained acceptance as the main marketing strategies and is currently being used on the internet.

A number of individuals have managed to supercharge their earnings with the help of Dan Kennedy’s products. Dan Kennedy has sold millions of copies of his work “Magnetic Marketing Product’ which is a fine system that may be applied to all types of businesses. He has had many publications to his credit and you can easily purchase around half a dozen publications of his at any of the bookstores.

Sometimes, Dan Kennedy conducts workshops on some of the most powerful marketing techniques. These workshops draw huge crowds and around 200,000 men and women benefit from these workshops. There have been a number of workshops that have been offered by the man himself along with some of the other popular names in the industry such as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, and Zig Ziglar.


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