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Like many business owners and entrepreneurs, Bill Glazer attended many entrepreneur and sales seminars at local convention centers and hotel conference rooms.  However, in 1995, he attended a success seminar where Dan Kennedy appeared as a speaker and inspired Bill Glazer to invest in everything Dan Kennedy had produced up to that point and studied everything he could about Dan Kennedy and his offline marketing strategies.

With all of Dan Kennedy’s ideas fresh in his mind Bill Glazer began putting these newly acquired offline marketing resources to work in his own business and realized the rapid upward swing in his revenues.  Bill didn’t just stop at the teachings of Dan Kennedy, but he was inspired enough to seek out more and diverse knowledge from other great marketers and copywriters and soon developed a style of his own.  Bill Glazer went on to see his own success at helping others create killer marketing ads and strategies which rewarded him quite well there after.

Bill Glazer and his own brand of offline marketing strategies have been featured in some of the biggest marketing magazines in print as well as the focus of a recent Direct Marketing News story.  He’s also been named in MR Magazine as one of the top 100 people to impact the sales industry in the new millenium.  Bill has also earned the prestigious 2002 RAC Award.

Bill Glazer is the author of the wildly successful book, Outrageous Advertising That’s Outrageously Successful.  You can click on the previous link for a free copy.  Today, Bill Glazer has teamed up with Dan Kennedy in the Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle where they reach out to tens of thousands industry leaders, owners, managers and other offline marketing professionals.


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