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Brian Underwood, CEO

Brian Underwood, Rippln CEO,
is a successful serial entrepreneur with a long history of global innovation and forward thinking. His savvy, hip, tech CEO style and laid back, old fashioned Kentucky boy charm combine to make him approachable and trustworthy, while his cutting edge ideas and full-speed-ahead attitude make him a new breed of CEO in the rapidly changing world of mobile technology.
Before envisioning Rippln, Brian Underwood had over 20 years of experience building global companies that transcend the marketplace. As CEO of iZigg and 90210 Mobile, Underwood became renowned as a world-class strategist and thought leader in the mobile space early on, by establishing one of the most recognizable brands in text marketing – a process that took only a year to catapult him to the top of a new industry.
Today, as CEO of Rippln, a sister company to iZigg, Brian’s sights are set on creating a movement that will utterly redefine the interplay of social networks and mobile commerce. He and other members of the Rippln Team (Terry LaCore, Jonathon Budd and Jim Bunch) have developed a mobile platform that supplies an enabling technology powered by the people to reward the people who use it.
Rippln is an entirely new kind of interactive socialization, based on a strategy of mobile engagement, gamification, and transformation. The result, Underwood believes, will be a new monetary model for “eyeball acquisition”. Plans for a pre-release of the app to a select inner circle are already in the works, and those who know Brian from previous projects are on edge with anticipation!

There couldn’t have been a better person to give a hefty starting push to Rippln. Brian Underwood is youthful, intense motivator who leads with authenticity, supports a team mentality, and brings a passionate heart to every project.


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