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Whos is James Rick

About James Rick

james rickFounder of Full Potential Academy, speaker and author of Unleash Your Full Potential. James Rick started his first biz at the age of 17, currently employs more than 150 staff around the world and his businesses have generated more than $5 million in revenues over the last 36 months.

Media appearances:
James has appeared on Fox Business News, Oprah and the cover of National Speaker Magazine. James Rick is host of the Full Potential Show, the world’s #1 non-boring source for life changing information.

Undeterred and excited after getting his first taste of Asia, James started his second major enterprise a call center outsourcing business in Manila, Philippines, where he would live and work for the next five years. He was interviewed by Fox News Business for his role in outsourcing, starting his company Global Sky in the Philippines at the age of 20, and growing it to more than 200 employees, and $2 million in revenue annually.

James made a minor appearance on Oprah in conjunction with the “Big Give” reality show and was on the cover of NSA magazine for its feature on the next generation of young speakers.


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