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Who is Kelly Felix

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Kelly Felix is what many consider an internet marketing “legend”, with over 15 years of online marketing experience under his belt. Kelly has been the top vendor for ClickBank among many other prominent affiliate networks & programs. Kelly Felix Kelly Felix revolutionized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and created an online icon called The Rich Jerk. Through his company The Rich Jerk, Kelly taught some of the most advanced online marketing techniques that are still held in high esteem to this day.

Kelly Felix a mentor

Through The Rich Jerk, Kelly Felix helped mentor and coach several students into 8 figure incomes. Many online marketing gurus have come from under Kelly’s wing and still thank him to this day for his life changing coaching and guidance. Kelly eventually sold The Rich Jerk for several million and went on to build and sell over a dozen other popular web properties. His resume includes testimonials from clients such as Ogilvy and other prominent organizations. Kelly is also currently the #1 affiliate for RegalAssets.com, a $150MM+ Asset Management company. His current affiliate training website BringTheFresh.com has re-revolutionized SEO and affiliate marketing, with over 20,000 active paid members.